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Decades of Experience

" I believe in the rule of law, and my years of judicial, defense, and prosecution experience will help me set a high standard for the bench I will serve.”   



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Decades of Experience

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Experienced Judge



  • The only candidate with judicial, prosecution, and defense experience spanning 36 years. Her knowledge, including time as a municipal and teen court judge, will benefit Tarrant County and make her an asset to the bench. Glynis is the only one in the race with this type of background. She has tried hundreds of cases and is well-versed in the law. The Tarrant County District Attorney recruited Glynis to serve as the Chief prosecutor of the Election Integrity Unit.

Dedicated Conservative

  • Glynis is a lifelong Republican with a strong belief in conservative values. Glynis has a remarkable
    track record as a dedicated public servant. She was an alternate delegate for the Texas Federation of
    Republican Women and has served as the Fredrick Douglass Republican Vice President. She is a
    board member of the Fort Worth Republican Women, where she serves as Americanism chair and
    has created and oversees projects to meet the needs of local law enforcement. She was awarded
    Business Woman of the Year (2022).

Meet Glynis


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GOP Area Leader HD 90, Kay Moreno

Asst. Secretary Tarrant County GOP, Rosalie Escobedo Pct. Chair #3216

Melissa McKechnie #4137

Lucila Seri #2228

Tamma Gunn #3247

Lois Kapp #1277

Gina Monday #1279

Jessie Taylor #1297

Cynthia Morrison #2161 (former)

Francine de Longchamp #2171

Robert Wodarczyk #2699

Hollie Plemons #1167

Michelle Sanchez #1004

Lynda Haltom #3330

James Sadler #1104 (former)

Kitty Berger #1108

Stephanie Janiak #1111

Gail Smith #3417

Vote: March 5          Vote Early: February 20- March 1st

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